Customer support phone menu for Commercial Transport and Business Aviation customers

Use the guide below to help expedite your call to customer support at 319-295-5000.

  • For Technical Support, press 1
    • For Business Aircraft or Airline Avionics, Cabin, or Electro-Mechanical Support, press 1
    • For Flight Database Technical Support, press 2
      • For database content, missing procedures or web download support, press 1
      • For aircraft database loading and all other database support, press 2
    • For Government Systems Products, press 3
  • For Website Connectivity Issues or Username & Password Support, press 2
  • For Subscription Services such as Databases, Airshow, TV and AIM Portal, press 3
  • For Ordering of Parts, Publications, or Software, press 4
    • To Purchase Commercial Products, press 1
    • To Rent or Exchange Commercial Products or CASP, press 2
    • To Purchase Publications or Software, press 3
    • To Purchase Government Products, press 4
  • For Dealer, Warranty, or RECAP Administration, press 5
    • For Dealer Administration, press 1
    • For Product Warranty Administration, press 2
    • For RECAP, press 3
  • To repeat the menu press 7, to go back to the previous menu press 9