Latest Airshow® Mobile app enables passengers to explore the world on their own terms

Airshow Mobile

Rockwell Collins Airshow Mobile 2 is available now in the Apple App and Google Play stores. Click to enlarge

Since 2014, Rockwell Collins’ Airshow® Mobile app has helped aircraft passengers experience a unique, interactive way to view the world around them and stay entertained, informed and comfortable during their journeys using their own personal devices. That experience was recently enhanced via Airshow Mobile 2, the next-generation moving map application for both Apple iPads® and Android tablets. Airshow Mobile 2 standardizes the moving map experience on these devices while adding new features to each platform.

“Airshow Mobile 2 continues our legacy of innovation and leadership within the moving map market using the technology we pioneered,” said Clint Pine, Airshow programs manager for Rockwell Collins. “The interactive experience and features that we have included in these apps is unparalleled – all with the performance and reliability that Rockwell Collins customers have come to expect.”

Featuring multi-touch gestures, easy-to-navigate layers and customizable settings, these native app versions are released as Rockwell Collins branded apps in the Apple App Store® and Google Play Store. Key features contained within Airshow Mobile 2 include:

  • Detailed satellite 3D maps that present the world beyond the cabin in high definition.
  • An Autoplay cycle showing a predefined script of map views that is flight phase aware.
  • Interactive roaming, zooming and navigation of the globe.
  • Customized settings and layers that allow the user to choose how the map is displayed.
  • Snapshot: a pop up panel displaying multiple images with brief captions for select points of interest.
  • Command Center: a consolidated view of maps and flight information into one display, with the ability to swipe through map views and flight information.
  • Window Seat: provides views from the cockpit or window seats on either side of the aircraft. In cockpit view, a Heads Up Display is available that shows the movement of the aircraft as it pitches and rolls. The Panorama feature in this view allows users to move their device in any direction and see the world as if they were looking through a transparent cabin.
  • Portrait Mode: rotating the device from landscape to portrait orientation enables a view that displays flight progress, departure and destination information, and other key aircraft data.

“Customers who already have enabled Airshow Mobile are able to enjoy both the original Airshow Mobile app and Airshow Mobile 2 on their iPads and Android tablets with no additional fees,” Pine continued. “Additionally, Rockwell Collins is developing Airshow Mobile 2 for smartphones. We hope to have those apps available in early 2017.”

Depending upon the age of the installed Airshow configuration on the aircraft, some custom features may not sync automatically without an Airshow configuration update.

Story posted: December 5, 2016


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