HGS-3500 Head-up Guidance Systemâ„¢ (HGS)

Eye-opening situational awareness for light- and mid-sized aircraft

Takeoff to touchdown, the advanced situational awareness and compact form factor of our HGS-3500 Head-up Guidance System™ (HGS) allows pilots of light- or mid-sized business aircraft to benefit from the tremendous safety and operational gains previously only available to large aircraft.


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Eyes-forward flight enhances safety

The HGS-3500 allows pilots to fly eyes-forward in all phases of flight – which is particularly valuable during takeoff and approach. Pilots can quickly stabilize the aircraft on its flight path and recognize when it’s reacting abnormally or is close to the edge of its performance envelope. In fact, a 2010 study by the Flight Safety Foundation found that 38 percent of all accidents were likely or highly likely to have been prevented if the pilot had an HUD. 

Bringing familiar symbology to the real world

Our high-speed display and processors ensure pilots see all the flight symbology they need to fly the aircraft in real time, aligned precisely to the aircraft position and the Earth below. Because the image is collimated through precision-machined glass, they will see the display while still focused on the outside scene.

Right information, right now

We’ve maximized the display to prioritize critical information at the right time it’s necessary. For instance, during landing, a readout of the remaining runway helps optimize braking. It also recognizes and assists in recovery from critical non-normal flight situations, including wind shear, TCAS alerts and unusual attitudes.

Intuitive HUD in a compact package

Our use of innovative optical waveguide technology to project imagery through the compact translucent display enables us to minimize the size and the cost of the HUD while delivering a wide field of view and high brightness, even against a sunlit cloud.

Powerful augmented situational awareness with SVS and EVS

For maximum situational awareness in all visual and flight conditions, the HGS-3500 can be paired with Rockwell Collins’ powerful synthetic vision system (SVS) and EVS-3000 enhanced vision system (EVS). Our high-resolution SVS database fuses with aircraft information and multispectral EVS camera images to give you unprecedented, real-time imagery of runway lighting (including new LED systems), terrain and obstacles as they appear ahead of the aircraft.

Maximize your minima

The FAA has recognized the effectiveness of Rockwell Collins’ SVS and EVS, and has approved Rockwell Collins reduced takeoff and landing minima for improved operational effectiveness and mission completion:

  • HGS-only Special CAT I in the United States
  • CAT II minima on Type I ILS
  • FAA 91.175 Enhanced Flight Vision Systems credit

Tablet try-out

Experience head-up and eyes-forward flying with Rockwell Collins’ HGS™ app for iPad. Simulate flying an approach into Innsbruck, Austria under a variety of weather conditions.

HGS Flight - iPad App