Cybersecurity Solutions

Seamlessly integrated at your facility or hosted in our 24/7 network operations center

Cyberattacks on critical infrastructure around the world are becoming more frequent and sophisticated. The Department of Homeland Security saw the number of incidents increase 20 percent in 2015 alone. Proactive solutions are essential to effectively combat ongoing threats and support continuity of operations.

As a leader in on-site security systems for critical infrastructure and a globally trusted, mission-critical communications provider, Rockwell Collins delivers robust, seamless cybersecurity solutions, either on-site or fully hosted. They are designed and implemented using vulnerability assessment tools to determine real-world risks unique to your system. Each solution stringently adheres to all regulatory compliance standards. 



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Integrated, private cybersecurity solutions

We build private networks for facilities, leveraging our trusted, industry-standard software platform to implement identification, authentication and access control. The solution also includes malicious code prevention, device access control, managed backup and recovery, fail-safe design and system hardening.

Onsite Cybersecurity Operations

For customers looking to expand their internal capabilities, we will design and build on-site cybersecurity operation centers (CSOCs) customized for the threats and regulations of your organization. These integrated solutions include commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technologies, command room furniture, equipment, video walls and communication technologies. Our tailored training and consultation in developing internal policies and procedures further maximizes performance

Hosted cybersecurity operations

If a hosted solution provides more advantages for your operations, we leverage our own CSOC in our mission-critical network operations center, trusted every day all over the world by airlines, airports and railroads. Staffed to support you 24/7/365, our CSOC solution remotely monitors operations over our global network, which delivers billions of messages a year with historically proven 99.999 percent availability. 

Integrated physical and cybersecurity solutions

As more security technologies and devices are connected to the Internet of Things vulnerability increases for critical infrastructure facilities. With the advantages of integrated physical and cybersecurity solutions becoming clearer, we designs our systems with this in mind, enabling greater interoperability, situational awareness and cost-effectiveness.